Email to client – Book your spot in our [webinar/seminar/special event] today

Hi (Their name),

[Your firm name] is excited to host a [webinar/seminar/special event] designed to help business owners [or your target client] like you better understand their finances [or their specific pain point].

At our event, we’ll be sharing tips on [share top goals for the event, such as hiring and recruiting top employees or best practices for payroll management].

Here’s what you need to know [include date, time, location, and approximate duration of event]. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this event, please feel free to let them know.

We’d love to work with more clients like you.

Please register for our event by [responding to this email, visiting the event page, phoning to confirm].

We look forward to seeing you at our [type of event].

Your name

Contact information

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